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My name is Mari Noumir. I am the founder and CEO of La Belle Verite. More importantly, I am a mother to my wonderful daughter and happily married to my husband. I am a bit OCD which means that I am extremely detailed and dedicated to perfection. I love to cook, keep a spotless home and am quite a good dancer.

I am of Lebanese descent which has a rich culture of elegance and style. My mission at La Belle is to transform my client's appearance which will ignite tremendous self-confidence in any setting and help my client's achieve their personal image goals. I will use the experience I have gained over many years in the world of fashion and personal appearance.

The origins of the concept for La Belle Verite can be found in the Mediterranean cultures, which I am bringing to the Dallas Metroplex. My purpose is to guide my clients through an examination of their current image and to define those changes that will bring about a new you. I have worked with many clients to achieve startling change and I'am pleased that our concept has received such wonderful support and results.

Once my client is in agreement on the alterations necessary to achieve their goals, we will embark on a joint journey to make the necessary changes. I will guide my client through each step of the process and will utilize my exceptional providers with a proven track record of success, including surgeons, dentists, facialists, stylists, and fashion centers. Even better, the prices I can achieve for my clients for these services is lower than they could otherwise achieve on their own and the wait times greatly reduced.

Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, newly single or are simply seeking to reignite a new image, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes together.

la belle mari